Welcome to Barry Law Library!

The Library is the heart of any law school, and Barry is no exception. The Euliano Law Library at Barry Law School is a thriving, vibrant, active place where students and faculty gather to learn, research, study, and share ideas. But even more important than the space it occupies, the vital essence of the Library exists in the services it provides. Indeed, members of the Barry Law School community often take advantage of remote library services, without visiting the building in person.

Reference, Research & Instruction

The Reference Librarians are experts in legal and online research who all have both JDs and Masters Degrees in information science. These information professionals are available to members of the law school community for research consultation and training. They offer advice in developing research strategies and using the Library’s print and online information resources. They are experts in Lexis, Westlaw, and dozens of other research databases. From helping to locate, Shepardize, or cite a case to choosing the perfect online database and constructing an advanced search, the Reference Librarians stand ready to guide you through your next research project.

Remember that you don’t actually need to be *in* the Library to use the Library or consult with the Reference Librarians. Many of the Library’s information resources can be used remotely. You can consult with them via telephone, email, or text messaging to get your questions answered.

Other Public Services

When you walk through the Library doors, you first notice the Circulation/Reserve Department on your left. This is the place to go for checking out books and Reserve materials. Some of the most popular hornbooks and study aids, as well as specific professor-requested items, are placed on Reserve and available to be checked out for a few hours and used only in the Library. Many of the books in the open Library stacks are also for Library use only, but there are also many that can be checked out for three weeks. Whether you need a book from Reserve or the general collection, the Circulation Desk is the place to be.

Faculty members or students working on involved research projects often find the need to borrow materials from another library. These books are available through a process called Interlibrary Loan, which can be requested at the Circulation Desk. Additionally, if you want to reserve a group study room or need help with printing, copying, scanning, or faxing, the Circulation staff will be happy to help you.

Technical Services

Although they are not as visible as the Reference and Circulation staff, the Librarians in Technical Services are just as vital to providing service to Library patrons. These are the people who keep our information resources organized and up-to-date. They develop and maintain the collection in all its forms, print, media, or online.

 In Person or Remote—Your Choice!

The Library building itself provides spaces for both quiet study and active engagement and sharing. Most of the people who provide Library and IT services can be found on the first floor, which also houses the Florida law collection and a computer lab. Quieter study spaces are found on the upper floors. The Library building is home to a varied collection of legal information resources, including books, journals, CDs, and DVDs.
Thus, it’s your choice! Either visit the Library in person or use Library services remotely. You’ll be glad you did!


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