Beyond Lexis & Westlaw…Just What Are All Those E-Resources Anyway?

Finding Barry Law Library E ResourcesMany law students journey through law school without ever using any other database for research besides Lexis and Westlaw. And face it, Lexis and Westlaw are really powerful legal research systems that make your research projects much easier. But there is valuable information beyond the Lexis and Westlaw systems that both the law library and university main library provide to you. The law library’s electronic resources tend to be related to legal research in some way, while the databases from the main library represent a variety of general topics and academic disciplines.

The Law Library’s Electronic Resources page at is available to those logged into Weblaw, Barry Law School’s intranet. To get there, choose Library & Information Services from the top menu, then Electronic Resources from the side menu.

Barry Law Library E Resources movie

Databases provided by the main Barry Library can be found at Just like the law databases, you must be logged into the intranet to use them. From the main Weblaw page, choose Library & Information Services from the top menu, then Barry Library from the side menu. From there, choose Find Databases Sorted by Title.

Barry Library Databases movie

As with all library resources, the Barry Law Reference Librarians stand ready to advise you about choosing the right database for your project and how to use that database effectively.


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