Learning to Live Long

In the past year I have seen a change in the way many of the faculty, staff and students view their health lifestyle.  Statistics are showing we are working and living longer.  I can’t help but think that we are living longer because of the many changes in in health care and the reality of the health issues that plague our generations.  I think knowing these issues and wanting to break the vicious cycle we’ve watched our loved ones go through has awaken us all.  Ten months ago I too needed a change.  I started working out and eating better.  I did not see much change in the healthy fat and cholesterol levels, let alone my BMI.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI), is a measure of body fat based on your weight and height.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI), is a measure of body fat based on your weight and height.

I spoke to a co-worker who seemed to have a different spin on what to do.  He introduced me to Cross Fitness Training.  For 30 minutes a day, five times a week, I worked my body out to the max and the sum.  I loved it even when I didn’t want to.  I am very competitive and very hard on myself so when I started seeing results (how fast, strong and agile I was getting) I pushed myself more and was happy with the change.

One of the many obsticals runner s had to face

One of the many obstacles runners had to face

I measured my success with a challenge.  On my 35th birthday I completed the Spartan 5k Race. It inspired me to share my experience with all around me.  I had a great time and enjoy working out more than I ever did.  But we all are not the same.  I am proud to see many of us taking on different challenges to becoming more healthy individuals.  Many of us walk around campus at lunch time or go to the gym before and/or after work.  Some are taking dance classes, playing sports, and many of us are eating much more wisely.  I have to say that my family (immediate and extended) has also picked up the challenge.  We are going to the doctor’s more often for checkups, sharing creative meals, and encouraging one another.  We are not on diets.  We have chosen healthier eating options.

I am challenging you all for the next three months do three things that will improve your health.  First, pick a daily activity to your comfort level to start then, push yourself. Second look at your eating habits and start changing them little by little. You can set better eating habits by not eat passed 8:00 PM.  Eliminate sweets, fried and junk food from your diet. You may start counting count calories or eat smaller portions. Finally, see how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ll be waiting to hear.

Greg Mitchell and I crossing the finish line

Greg Mitchell and I crossing the finish line

Please make sure you consult with your doctor before you do anything, especially if you are under a doctor’s care.


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