Share Your Trade Secrets

This week a book called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon showed up on my desk.  It’s format was so unique that it immediately caught my eye.  It was so inviting in style (you’ll have to see it to understand) that it literally invited me to sit down and read as much as I could in the short time I have during any day.  I was not disappointed. 

save your work

One of the sections in this little gem of a book is called “Share Your Trade Secrets.”  That language really resonated with me. You see, librarians know how to do this and have turned it into an art form.  Literally every day, we share information, resources, and tips about legal research with people who approach the Reference Desk, use our catalog, or even access our databases from off-site.  We consider all of those interactions a part of sharing our work [trade secrets to some of you].  Since no one knows everything, we also make referrals to people who we think might be able to come up with an answer when you ask us an information-related question for which we either have no resources or for which we can’t find an answer as quickly as we would like.

So, who are the secret-sharers in the Euliano Law Library?  The librarians you meet when you walk in the door, of course.  

IMG_20140707_202551Louis Rosen answers questions by the dozen from his office or while taking a shift at the Reference desk, and makes you feel good about the veracity and authority of those answers.  

DianaDiana Botluk not only answers questions and makes you feel good about the information she provides, she also creates some of those fantastic displays you see in the Library, and she is working on the School’s Digital Commons site to be sure the information our faculty write about in scholarly publications is also widely shared.

donna w



Although you don’t see her as much as the Public Services librarians who sit in the front of the library, Donna Wiesinger crafts her magic in the Technical Services space at the rear of the main floor. She makes sure that the information resources that all of our students need appear on the shelves or online as quickly as possible.  She helps to set up the processes and procedures for making that happen; among her many other duties.

Barbara Hilderbrand also works in the Technical Services space at the rear of the main floor.  Barbara fashions dull information into the colorful pieces with book covers you book coversometimes see in our online catalog.


Among many other tasks, Barbara also helps create and update the links (URLs) to the thousands of digital online resources that the reference librarians skillfully steer you to every day.

studwell_rAnd me? I just shared my trade secret. I shared information with you about what each of the librarians can do to make your life in law school a little easier!


One thought on “Share Your Trade Secrets

  1. I encourage you all to read this book. It is very enlightening. Things Austin emphasized I hadn’t really thought about in that way before. It is time we all show our work and embrace being an amateur.


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