National Ice Cream Month

The month of July is National Ice Cream Month in the U.S. So I thought I would share some fun facts on one of my favorite desserts. According to the International Dairy Foods Association ice cream is older than you might have guessed. Iced drinks trace their origins to the Biblical King Solomon and the Roman Emperor Nero. What we know as ice cream today is first documented in Europe in the 16th Century.

In America, the first mention of ice cream is found in 1744 in a letter written by a guest of Maryland Governor William Bladen. Thomas Jefferson had a favorite ice cream recipe that is now held by the Library of Congress and can be viewed online here:

As little as 200 years ago ice cream was still considered a delicacy and difficult to come by except for the wealthy. With the technological advances of the Industrial Revolution, ice cream was able to be successfully produced for the masses in the late 1800s. The present day industry produces 1.6 gallons of frozen dairy products annually in the U.S. alone.

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