Printing in the Law Library



EFI Machine and Kiosk on first floor of Law Library

Making sure our students have the latest in technology, DoIT has rolled out the EFI PrintMe printing solution at the Barry University School of Law. Students can print, copy and scan at any of the six Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) in the Law Library or the MFP in the student organization modular. You can print from your laptop, smart phone, tablet or iPad, and even from your home computer. Yes, you can print from home.

It’s in the Cloud

Your documents are sent to via e-mail. PrintMe will e-mail you a six digit code that you will enter at the machine to release your documents. You can print your document or documents within 24 hour of submitting your job.

You can also print directly from a USB or web services like Box & Dropbox.

In the computer lab of the library all computers are now set to print to printer EFI Print Me.

There are two ways you can print from the computer lab through


DoIT gives the following options:

1)      Open your document (Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, etc.) and print by selecting the ‘EFI Print Me’ printer.  They will get an e-mail with a 6-digit code that they can use to print the one document from a Kiosk.  (It would be up to the student if they want to print multiple documents ‘one at a time’ and get separate 6-digit codes for each document printed).


Instructions posted by every machine and printed instructions at the Circulation Desk

Instructions posted by every machine and printed instructions at the Circulation Desk


2)      However, if the students have MULTIPLE documents they want to print all at one time (either of all one document type OR a mixture of types (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)) then I would recommend that the students send ONE E-MAIL, with ALL of the documents attached to the e-mail that they want to print, to:

(By using this E-MAIL option, they can send MULTIPLE documents to be printed all at one time and receive just ONE 6-digit code that will allow them to work with all of the documents at the Kiosk, all at one time.)


Tiffany getting her cash card

Tiffany getting her cash card

How do I use the new copiers

This is probably my favorite part to share. You can get a cash card from the Kiosk machine then load funds (machine takes only $1, $5, $10 and $20’s). Don’t have cash? No problem! Use your credit/debit card right at the copier. There are posted signs at each machine and printed directions at the Circulation desk in the Law Library. If you are in need of any assistance please ask Library staff or IT.

Helpful staff members assisting students and patron with kiosk

Helpful staff members assisting students and patron with kiosk


What you need to know per DoIT

On July 10, 2014, Equitrac, the previous printing system in the Euliano Law library, was discontinued.   As such, we have encouraged students to use any funds they may have on their Equitrac accounts by July 10th.  If you have remaining funds on the old Equitrac system and would like those funds transferred to an EFI cash card, please make this request to the IT Department by Friday, September 19th, 2014.


Time saver hints

  1. When submitting multiple documents to, send all attachments in one e-mail so you are not entering multiple access codes. As a reminder, you can send up to six attachments in one e-mail.
  2. Using your credit/debit card can save you sometime both at the kiosk and the ATM.
  3. If printing a PDF with 15 or more pages, try submitting them in sections to PrintMe. The larger the document the longer it will take to read and process.


Good to know

We have gotten positive feedback about the new printing solutions. Copy prices are still the same. You are also able to print in color for a couple more ¢¢¢. Scanning is free, but you will still need to insert your cash card or credit/debit card. When using your credit/debit card, please insert into machine and pull it back out. For your cash card, leave it in until you have completed your print job. The machine also prints receipts for those in need of them.


Thanks Tiffany for the demonstration. Don’t forget to take your card!

Please remember to take your cash card or credit/debit card from machine. If you leave your cash card in the machine, the school is not liable for lost funds. The old system of tracking your funds from an account connected to a student ID number is obsolete. If you have any questions and/or feedback, please let the Law Library Staff and IT Team know.


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