Meet the “new” Moot Courtroom

moot court 7 (after)

The Moot Courtroom (adjacent to the café) has just received a facelift! Tons of hard work and planning went into making the welcomed updates a reality. Kudos to our finance/accounting, facilities, IT and admin teams (and anyone else I missed) that worked so hard to make this a reality. Renovations have been underway for several weeks on this bustling campus space and it is exciting to see the plans in action! I am happy to report that most renovations are already complete.

moot court 3 (before)

One of the most exciting enhancements has been the new seating. As you can see from the pictures, the new seats really help to spruce up the space with a much more modern flair. I had a chance to try them out, and I think you will agree, they are a big improvement (pretty comfy, too)!

moot court 5 (after)

Aside from the new seating, there is new paint, A/V equipment, carpeting and more. Word on campus is that all renovations will be complete by the start of the fall semester. As you can see from the pics – it is already looking pretty spiffy.

moot court 4 (after)

As you may very well know, this campus space is the largest student learning space on campus with a capacity of up to 160 people –no wonder it is a hub for so many campus functions! Everything from new student mass and orientations to oral arguments, swearing in ceremonies and workshops take place in this room. It also serves at times as a classroom, and, of course, for mock trials. It really is an integral part of the campus.

moot court 6 (after)

So when you have a chance, check out the new enhancements! We think you will be pretty impressed.


6 thoughts on “Meet the “new” Moot Courtroom

  1. I went over there today to check it out, Shawn. It’s a beautiful improvement to the room, and it should be comfortable and classy for events and classes in there.


  2. This is the first time I’ve seen the Moot Courtroom since before the chairs were put in! It looks so professional. Great post, Shawn!


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