Learning Law from the Movies

Legally Blonde

Elle’s keen cross-examination skills reveal the true killer

This month’s ABA Journal cover story features “12 movies with pivotal lessons featuring lawyers.”  It examines scenes from twelve popular movies, explaining what real lawyers can learn from those scenes about law practice, demonstrating that even movies like My Cousin Vinny and Legally Blonde have something to teach us about law.  The twelve movies are:

Vinny's fiancé is treated as a hostile expert witness

Vinny’s fiancé is treated as a hostile expert witness

  • Absence of Malice
    Anatomy of a Murder
    And Justice for All
    The Castle
    I Am Sam
    Legally Blonde
    My Cousin Vinny
    A Time to Kill
    True Grit
    The Verdict

Is your favorite law-related movie on the list?  What are some of your other favorite movies and what do they teach about law practice?  Feel free to add to the conversation by commenting below.


2 thoughts on “Learning Law from the Movies

  1. I’m a sucker for To Kill a Mockingbird and Twelve Angry Men, two classics.

    I don’t watch any lawyer shows on TV, but James Spader and William Shatner’s chemistry made Boston Legal more fun than it had any right to be, and there’s something comforting and hypnotic about Law and Order: SVU.


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