Hidden Treasures

Ever wonder how the books appear on the shelves?  Or where all those databases come from?  There is a whole department working behind the scenes to bring you the resources you require for your studies and research!

We’re the Technical Services Department, located next to the Circulation Department behind the mystery door.  Many of you know us as the mailroom.  Well, we DO handle the mail but that is only a very small portion of our responsibilities.

We also order books, maintain the library’s databases and make sure you can easily access everything in the online catalog.  We keep URLs consistent in the online catalog, prepare usage statistics to track what is getting used and what’s not, perform fund accounting to track the library’s budget, keep track of what journal issues have arrived and what needs to be claimed from publishers, and a whole host of other tasks that the ordinary library user never sees or thinks about.

In fact, we’re doing our job when everything is seamless for our patrons!

You don’t see us as much as the Reference and Circulation staff but we are here to help you!   The Technical Services Department consists of five library staff members:

  • Donna Wiesinger (Head of Technical Services)
  • Barbara Hilderbrand (Acquisitions/Catalog Librarian)
  • Terry Rogers (Technical Services Coordinator)
  • Shawn Blanchard (Database Maintenance Assistant)
  • Brittany O’Neill (Technical Services Assistant)

Over the coming weeks, we’ll highlight some aspects of what we do in this blog.  We’ll also give you guidelines on our mail policies, including our hours and mail contacts.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, please contact Donna at 321-206-5704 or via email at dwiesinger@barry.edu.

P.S. In case you aren’t already familiar with it, our online catalog’s address is:  http://bulib.barry.edu/search~S4/


One thought on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Donna, Barbara, Terry, Shawn, and Brittany really are the unsung heroes of this library. They’re ensconced behind that door, but their jobs are just as important as the familiar folks in Public Services.

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