Getting to TWEN

Some of your professors may be using TWEN as a virtual classroom space.  Depending on the professor, TWEN might be used to distribute readings, have online discussions, collect assignments, give quizzes, and point you to resources.  If you have any questions about how to access TWEN or what to do with what you see there, please ask Louis or me.  To get to TWEN:

1. Go to and log in with your Westlaw user ID and password:

Westlaw login screen

2. Click the TWEN tab on the Westlaw Welcome screen:

Westlaw welcome screen

3. Click Add Course from the TWEN homepage:

TWEN welcome screen

4. Place a check mark next to your courses and scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Submit.  If you don’t see your course on the list, that Faculty member is not using TWEN.

choose your courses

5. After you add your courses, they will show up on a list on the My Courses page (the TWEN home page):

My Courses page

6. Choose one of your courses by clicking on it.  You will see a course welcome screen and a menu of options on the left.  These will look different for each course, but here is an example from Advanced Legal Research.  Browse the menu to find what you need.

Course menu


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