So Where Do I Find That Article I’m Looking For?

Imagine you’re reading an article and it cites to another one that sounds perfect for your research. You want to find a copy of it, but it’s not in a law review, so it’s not on Lexis/Westlaw/Bloomberg/HeinOnline.  You can only find an abstract on the open Internet and it will cost $30 for you to read the text.  I hope at this point you don’t give up, and you know enough to ask us for help if you don’t know what to do next.

But I want to show you a 30-second trick that will determine if you can get this article quickly. Between Barry Law Library and Barry Main Library, you have access to dozens of research databases that might contain that article.  How do you know which one to choose?  Use a tool that the Library provides called Serials Solutions.  Click on this Serials Solutions link  and type in some information about your article.  It will tell you where to look.

For example, suppose I want to locate this article: K. Radon & C. Winter, Prevalence of Respiratory Symptoms in Sheep Breeders, 60 Occupational & Envtl. Med. 770 (2003).  Type some specific information into the form and click on Look Up.

Serials Solutions 1

You will retrieve a list of all the places the Barry Libraries subscribe to that include the full text of this article. Click on any one of them to retrieve the text.

Serials Solutions 2


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