Avoiding Procrastination or At Least Trying To

This past week I came across an article from the Atlantic that I found to be immensely insightful. Even though, I don’t have much of a problem with procrastination since I adhere to the “get it done and over with” philosophy for things I don’t want to do. I too have my moments of struggle, as do we all. I thought this would be food for thought for many others as it was for me.

So when I read the article below this past week I could relate to the author’s issues as I’m sure many can. This article is all about the science of procrastination and it turns out it might not be as much about time as it is about emotion.

In the last few years, however, scientists have begun to think that procrastination might have less to do with time than emotion. Procrastination “really has nothing to do with time-management,” Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University, told Psychological Science. “To tell the chronic procrastinator to just do it would be like saying to a clinically depressed person, cheer up.”

Ferrari goes on to point out that procrastination happens for two reasons “(1) we delay action because we feel like we’re in the wrong mood to complete a task, and (2) We assume that our mood will change in the near future. Thus, we create for ourselves, “The Procrastination Doom Loop. ”

Does this look familiar to anyone else?

Does this look familiar to anyone else?


So what can we do to save ourselves from the Procrastination Doom Loop? The article offers a few tips, of course, not every tip works for everyone as we’re all different but here are some suggestions.

1. Deadlines! Having to complete something done by a certain time or suffering a penalty is considered to be one of the most effective anti-procrastination tactics. Especially when the deadline is imposed by another.
2. Setting reminders about the impending task
3. Convincing yourself that it’s not work to do a task

For more tips and tricks on prioritizing and time management:
Prioritize, organize : the art of getting it done by Peg Pickering. Available in the Career Services Department
The Physics of Productivity: Newton’s Laws of Getting Stuff Done. Available on Lifehacker.com
Why Saving Tasks for Tomorrow Doesn’t Always Work. Available on Lifehacker.com

Article & Image Citation:
Thompson, D. (Aug. 26, 2014). The Procrastination Doom Loop-and how to brake it. the Atlantic. Retrieved from


2 thoughts on “Avoiding Procrastination or At Least Trying To

  1. Great post, Barbara! I actually sat down and made a to-do list with real deadlines for once this morning and it actually makes a huge difference in making tasks seem more manageable. I also recently discovered a website that turns chores and goals into a video game (because that’s the only way I can motivate myself!) where you can earn rewards for accomplishing real-life tasks. There’s something out there for everybody!


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