Have you tried using the Library’s electronic journal/ebook portal (Serials Solutions)?

Searching for journals or books on a research topic, but don’t have a specific title or author in mind? Or maybe you do, but don’t know where to look or have time to stop by the Library to ask for help? This can be stressful — but don’t fret, the Library can still be of help!

Enter Serials Solutions, a digital library product, that among other things, provides an easy-to-use portal to many of the databases containing various e-resource materials (think electronic journals and books).

In addition to being able to search for e-resources by title or ISSN/ISBN # (be sure to check out the citation linker blog post for searching for articles and other e-resources where the source information is known), there is a way to search for them more generally by subject area. And since remote access is available for many of the databases, you don’t even have to come in to the Library to get started (though we would certainly welcome your visit).

First, you’ll need to access the Serials Solutions portal page:

• Connect to the Barry Weblaw page (the Law School’s intranet page).
Note: If you are trying to access this page off-campus, you must first log in here and select the “School of Law intranet” button.

• From the top of the intranet page, select the ‘Library and Information Services’ menu link.

pic 2 edit• Under the ‘Web Page Links’ section on the left-hand side of page, select ‘Electronic Resources’.

• Click the second link, ‘Search Full-Text Online Journals’ which will bring up the Serials Solutions portal page.

It looks exactly like this:

pic 3

To browse law topics, click on the drop-down arrow under ‘Browse e-resources by subject’ and select the ‘Law, Politics and Government’ subject listing. Here you can find a specific subject heading more suitable to your research needs. Such topics as constitutional law, criminal law and procedure, labor law, state law, etc. are available for you to browse and investigate.

You may also search by keyword(s) found within the title-level of the broader subject area selected.

For example, as seen in the screenshot image below, a search for the titles that contain the words “finance” and “law” within the title itself (and within the “law, politics and government” subject heading) brings up 29 results. From here, you can access a specific database to search within a journal at the article level or connect to available ebooks on the topic directly.

You may also search this way in any subject heading or within all subjects, or start a new search for titles that start with a certain word. By default, the search results will include all available formats. To narrow the search to only ebooks or only ejournals, simply click the appropriate tab at the top of the search results page.

pic 4

Rest assured that many of the journals we have in print are also available online. Rather than searching the stacks (or searching online one database at-a-time), you can search for an ejournal title or ebook directly from the Serials Solutions page, and it will return results from all available databases (including Lexis, Westlaw, HeinOnline and more) — all at once!  Hence, the Serials Solutions portal can be a powerful tool in conducting your legal research as it connects you with thousands of e-resources from a host of databases provided by the Law Library. What’s more, it also knows to search the databases made available from Barry’s Main Campus Library, which are also available to you as a Barry (law) student!

So give it a try, let us know what you think, and as always, see our friendly and helpful reference librarians for help with any of your research needs.


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