What Good Are Surveys Anyway?


When a survey request comes your way, what is your typical response?

1.  Avoid it

2. Give the drafter a piece of your mind

3. Answer it to give the survey drafters some useful advice and ideas about what needs more work

Hopefully, the third choice is the one that you think of immediately.  Surveys about libraries and technology are normally intended to ask this question, “How are we doing?”

Most organizations who ask you to fill out a survey are evaluating existing services, gauging the need for new services, and preparing for strategic planning.  Sometimes surveys help an organization, library, or technology department analyze space problems or plan for new space or plan for the purchase of new resources or technology.  Surveys also provide a year-to-year comparison.  When the year-to-year results are analyzed, they can provide information about which services need to be improved and whether or not more user training is needed, and in what areas.

The Library and Faculty need your input on the Technology Survey that was launched to all students on September 16th.

Please click on the link below to launch the survey.  It should take you 10 minutes or less to complete.


Thank you in advance for letting us know how you think we are doing!



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