Study for midterms using professors’ old exams and Library study aids.

On behalf of YOUR Law Library staff, we wish you the best of luck on your midterms, which are probably going on right now.  Whether you have midterms remaining or you just want to get ahead on studying for your finals, I wanted to let you know about accessing some of your professors’ old exams online, through Weblaw (which is back up and running, by the way).

Start on, or if you are off campus, log into and select “School of Law Intranet” to get to Weblaw.

From there, click on EITHER the Faculty or Students tabs along the top of the page, and then select Final Examinations in the menu along the left side.

That will lead you to a list of older exams from professors who have made them available to us to post online, all downloadable in PDF format.  As you will see, not every professor has given us old exams to post, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t.  You may even ask your professors if they have any older exams or practice questions to share, and the worst they could say is “No, sorry.”

Your professors may also have study aids and supplements they recommend specifically for your classes, in which case, let us know, and we’ll direct you to them.  We have a wide variety of study aids in our Reserve collection behind the Circulation Desk: multiple-choice questions, essay questions, treatises with more in-depth analysis in narrative formats, outlines, and more.

Your Reference Librarians, Deans’ Fellows, and Mr. Kessel in Academic Success can also suggest the best resources for studying, depending on what classes you’re taking and how the exams are structured.

Good luck!  We’re all counting on you.


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