Trial Advocacy Materials on Reserve

Professor Ngov has asked the library to keep the following materials on Reserve behind the Circulation Desk for use by any interested students:

  • Cardinal Rules of Advocacy by Lavine
  • Cross-examination skills for Law Studentsby Pozner and Dodd, 1st edition
  • Modern Trial Advocacy Analysis and Practice by Lubet, 3rd ed and 4th ed
  • Logic for Lawyers: A Guide to Clear Legal Thinking by Aldisert, 3rd ed
  • Compendium of Trail Advocacy Drills by Stein and Rubinowitz
  • Classic Essays on Legal Advocacy (or, Advocacy and the King’s English) by Rossman, Ed.
  • Problems in Trial Advocacy by Bocchino and Beskind, 2007 Ed
  • Trial Practice by Dubin and Guernsey
  • How to Try a Jury Case: Trial Tactics by Kimberling
  • The Power Trial Method by Gross and Webber
  • The Trial Process: Law, Tactics, and Ethics by Tanford, 4th ed
  • Trial Technique and Evidence by Fontham, 3rd ed
  • Trial Advocacy Basics by Gitchel and O’Brien
  • Winning Jury Trials: Trial Tactics and Sponsorship Strategies by Klonoff and Colby, 3rd ed
  • Trialbook by Sonsteng and Haydock, 3rd ed



Come by and take a look!


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