Enjoy the weather!

As I am sure you have all noticed, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall! The skies are clear, the temperature is mild, and it’s simply too beautiful to stay indoors. If you would like to get outside and enjoy this lovely weather for some post-midterms relaxation, check out the Orange County Parks and Recreation website!

Once there, you’ll find a map of all the parks and facilities Orange County has to offer — about a hundred!2014-10-22_8-36-02

Do you have children, want to play a pickup game of basketball, enjoy bird-watching, or simply want a good place to go for a jog? Hit the Search tab and you can search for parks with specific features such as kayaking, dog parks, butterfly gardens, and splash playgrounds.

Some excellent examples of what our nearby parks have to offer:

  • Hurricane shelters at Barnett Park on West Colonial Drive
  • A skate park at Barber Park on Gatlin Avenue
  • A cricket pitch at Cypress Grove Park on Holden Avenue
  • Wildlife sightings at Hal Scott Preserve on Dallas Boulevard
  • An inter-generational drama program at Orlo Vista Park on North Powers Drive

Kraft Azalea Gardens in Winter Park


1920s Estate House in Cypress Grove Park

If you’re looking for somewhere close by, Arcadia Acres Park and Yucatan Neighborhood Park are roughly two miles away from campus. Arcadia Acres has a basketball court and soccer field, while Yucatan has dog and skate parks. If you like to fish, Millennium Park has a small area for fishing just over a mile away. Check them out!

Of course, if you’re not the outdoorsy type, we are always happy to have you in the cozy chairs and cool air conditioning of the library.


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