Updated USPS Policies

The mailroom located in the Technical Services department of the library (behind that mystery door between IT and the Reference Desk) is used for all of our incoming and outgoing campus mail, but faculty, students, and staff send personal mail through here as well. Our mail policies remain unchanged, but the United States Post Office is making efforts to update theirs. Administrative Assistants across campus have been notified of the news, but members of the Barry community who send out mail should read on!

In January, the United States Postal Service implemented new policies for tracking parcels using an Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb). By January 26, 2015, many parcels will require these barcodes in order to be delivered.

Mail that will need an IMpb:label

  • Parcels and packages over 13 ounces
  • Library and Media Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Any mail with extra services (certified, return receipt, delivery confirmation, etc.)

Mail that will not need an IMpb:

  • Postcards, letters, and large envelopes under 13 ounces with no extra services

Basically, if it is not a First-Class piece of mail, it will require an IMpb. However, most extra service labels have barcodes already included. If you are attaching a Certified or Return Receipt sticker to your parcel, it will already be compliant and will not need any extra labels. Library, media, and priority mail and any mail over 13 ounces that does not have extra services will still require a tracking label.

There is no need to use Delivery Confirmation labels any longer – the new tracking labels have a detachable sticker at the bottom with a tracking number you can follow yourself. The library will only track its own mail; you are responsible for tracking your own parcels. You can use these labels in the place of Delivery Confirmation labels from now on. Should you not wish to track the parcel, simply discard that detachable sticker and your item will still be compliant. You will have to affix the tracking label to the parcel regardless of if you wish to track it or not.

If you need a label or are not sure if your mail needs one, stop by and we’d be happy to help! Should you have any questions, contact myself (ext. 5716) or Terry Rogers (ext. 5717).


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