Better Body Language, Better Grades?

Can your body language help you get better grades, have more successful negotiations, or even win a trial? Amy Cuddy, social psychologist and Harvard Business School Professor, tells you all you need to know about nonverbal communication in the second most popular TED Talk* ever, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. Cuddy teaches us about power-posing, body language that projects powerful or non-powerful positions, showing how those body positions can not only influence others, but ourselves as well.

If you’re working on a moot court competition, class presentation, or even just a regular final exam, this 21-minute talk is well worth the watch.

* What is a TED Talk? TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas, mostly through short, powerful talks. TED has been hosting conferences since 1984. Its first conference included demonstrations of the compact disc, the e-book and cutting-edge 3D graphics from Lucasfilm, as well as a demonstration of using fractal geometry to map coastlines by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. TED has been sharing talks online since 2006, reaching one billion views in 2012. Its website averages 17 new page views per second.

SisterPatTEDx2Watch Barry Law School’s own Sister Pat (Patricia Siemen) speak on The Rights of Nature at a TEDx event in Jacksonville.


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