Search for jobs, network, and explore your options at the Leadership Library!

We would like to inform you of one of the Barry Law Library’s latest database subscriptions: The Leadership Library.  This resource should be a huge boon to any students searching for jobs and internships during law school or our recent alumni searching after they graduate.

As always, you can access our databases by starting on the School of Law intranet site,

***VERY IMPORTANT: If you’re at home or anywhere else aside from campus, you will first need to log into with your Barry username (your e-mail prefix) and password, and then select “School of Law Intranet.”  That will take you to***

Anyway, to get to our databases from Weblaw, click on Library & Information Services (LIS) along the top of the page, then Electronic Resources in the menu along the left side.  You can scroll down through the alphabetical list of databases, including familiar ones like Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law, hidden treasures like HeinOnline, some more obscure ones that are still invaluable for your research needs, and new ones like Leadership Library.

As you will soon see, Leadership Library includes contact information for members of Congress and their staffs, federal, state, and local government officials and offices, attorneys, corporate executives and management, lobbyists, journalists, nonprofit organizations, and more.


So from the front page, you have two main options to find things: Explore (like browsing) and Search (if you’re looking for someone or something specific).

You can Explore people or organizations, including the annual Leadership® 1000, “[t]he 1,000 largest companies with headquarters in the U.S., ranked by total annual revenues and other income reported by June 1 of the current year.”  You can sort this list by numerical rank or alphabetical company names, and then save, download, or print the list.


Leadership Library also allows you to Explore lists of attorneys and lobbyists by their specialties, and you can even explore by alma mater, to look for fellow Barry School of Law alumni, or alumni of your undergraduate and grad schools.

Searching has two main functions: Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Just to demonstrate, after selecting Law and Lobbying Firms as an option, Quick Search allows you to search 20,866 organizations by name, as well as searching by Organization Subjects (practice areas), Job Functions, and other categories.

The Advanced Search options go into even deeper detail, allowing you to search for people by names and short biographies, job titles, individual firms, start dates, practice specialties and legislative issues, and locations, among others.

Users can always save their searches and e-mail themselves their results, add people to their contacts, and create alerts to let them know about updates and changes in categories that interest them.

Leadership Library seems to be infinitely customizable, and I’m still exploring its plethora of options myself.  I can tell you that it seems like a robust, powerful tool for job searchers, which should be the majority of our students and blog readers.  So please take advantage of it, and swing by the Reference Desk or the Career Services office if you have any questions or need any assistance.


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