Study Guides with Library Collection Call Number Ranges

Hello to all of you……

With a few weeks to go until the Fall final exams begin, I wanted to share with you where you can find additional study aids and reading materials in print that may be of use to you. While the law library has the most current study aid editions of various class topics in the Reserve collection located in the Circulation department on the first floor, the library does have older editions of these study aids and other title print books located on the second floor in the library’s general collection. Below is a list of some of the current class headings and the call number area range where you can locate these additional reading materials. If you are looking for a specific book, look it up in the online catalog (law school location) to find the specific call number to aid you in locating your chosen book title. You can use your own laptop or a computer in the library to search the law library catalog. The link to the law library:     Be sure to select the “Law Library” as the collection you wish to search.

Below is a chart of some of the current class titles being taught this semester. The column to the right shows you the general call number in the collection to find titles relating to the classes being taught.

Administrative Law KF5402
Aviation Law KF2400
Business Organizations HF1008, KF889
Civil Procedure KF8839 – KF8841
Copyright Law KF2993
Constitutional Law KF4549 – KF4550
Construction Law KF902
Contracts KF801
Copyright Law KF2993 – KF2994
Criminal Law KF9213 – KF9219
Elder Law KF390
Environmental Law KF3775
Evidence Law KF8935
Family Law KF504
Immigration Law KF4815 – KF4819
Legal Research & Writing KF240
Mediation KF9084
Professional Responsibility KF306
Property Law KF560 ; KF720
Real Estate Transactions KF665
Torts KF1249 – KF1250
Trial Advocacy KF8915
White Collar Crime KF9350
Wills, trusts & estates KF753 – KF755

Our law library collection is here for you to use to increase your understanding of the courses that you are taking. When you get the chance, check out the law library collection.   If you need assistance, ask a library Reference Librarian or a law library staff member to assist you.

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