Featured Databases: ProQuest Newsstand and America’s News

Have you ever been in need of a newspaper article for your research but not been sure where to go to retrieve it?

Or maybe you looked up the provider’s website only to discover you have very limited access and have to pay a subscription or access fee to obtain your desired article.

Did you know the Library subscribes to resources that can help?

Even if you just want to peruse articles from a popular magazine or newspaper, we got you covered!

As a Barry student, you have access to a slew of research databases. One of those handy databases is ProQuest Newsstand, which gives you access to hundreds of full-text newspapers including The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and the Orlando Sentinelnot to mention many other regional publications, blogs and news websites. The database is easily searchable and has archives dating back to the 1980s for some newspapers.

There are also separate subscriptions to the Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald, available in another database, America’s News, which also features full-text access to a handful of popular periodicals like Newsweek and Popular Science.

So how do you access these? No worries – simply follow the instructions below:

1. First, access the Law School’s Weblaw page (weblaw.barry.edu) and click on the ‘Library & Information Services’ link at the top of the page:

Nov Blog Pic 1

2. Next, click on the ‘Barry Library’ link (this will direct you to the Main Campus library page where you can find these two particular resources):

nov blog pic 2

3. Under ‘Catalog & Electronic Resources’, click the “Find Databases Sorted by Title” link.

nov blog pic 3

4. Scroll down to the “P” titles (or click the “P” link @ top of the page) and select the “ProQuest Newsstand” link.

nov blog 4

5. You should now be inside of the database. Here, you can search by title, keyword, etc. and narrow your search in a variety of ways (e.g. full-text only). Be sure to check out the drop-down menus to utilize some of these limiters.

If you have a citation to a specific newspaper article, you can use the ‘Look Up Citation’ tool found under the Advanced Search area to quickly search and retrieve it (if available).

Note: The “Search tips” area on the right-side of the page has (you may have guessed it) handy search tips.

Note: For a full list of available publications, click the ‘Publications’ link at the top of the page.

Nov blog pic 5


Need access to the Miami Herald or Sun Sentinel?

Follow steps 1-3 and then find Miami Herald on the list (under the “M” titles in step 4). These two newspapers are actually located in another database entitled America’s News but they can be searched in much the same way.


Interested in popular news magazine articles from publications like Newsweek and Popular Science?

Follow the steps listed above for the Miami Herald. On the database page (see below), click the link for ‘America’s News Magazines’. You will be presented with a list of available titles that are accessible from within the database.

nov blog pic 6A


nov blog pic 6B






Did you know these databases can also be accessed remotely (off-campus)?

When you are off-campus, you’ll need to first log in through the EZ-Proxy site (ezproxy.barry.edu). After signing in, click on the ‘Miami Shores Library’ icon and then skip to step #3 above.

nov blog pic 7


nov blog pic 8



Note: You can also access these resources through the ‘School of Law Intranet’ link. If you do so, simply start with step #1 above.

nov blog pic 9




While ProQuest Newsstand and America’s News are handy for finding popular newspaper (and some popular magazine) articles, there are many more databases available 24/7 through the Law Library Electronic Resources page.

All of us at your Law Library wish you all the best in your academic (and life) pursuits and we are here to help. If you get stuck or are in need of research assistance, feel free to stop by the Library or contact a Reference Librarian who will be glad to help.


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