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Now that Thanksgiving break is over, it’s time to hit the books for one final push until exams are over for the semester.  Just in time for exams, the Lexis Digital Library is now ready for prime time!  You can check out e-books anywhere you have an internet connection.  You don’t even have to be logged into the University’s network.

The Law Library has purchased Lexis and Matthew Bender professional titles, a number of ABA titles and the entire Q&A and Understanding study aids series.

Graduating 3Ls, listen up!  This pertains to you as well.  Although you will retain your University network credentials for a period after graduation, the library has made arrangements for your access to continue beyond that.   Although this blog post will only address the current student, faculty and staff access, more information concerning alumni access will be forthcoming in the very near future.



Overdrive provides the ability to read from within your browser as long as you are using one of the following:  Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer version 10 or greater.  You have the option to download the text in either EPUB or Kindle formats.   Recommended apps include Adobe Digital Editions (http://www.adobe.com/solutions/ebook/digital-editions.html) and BlueFire Reader (http://www.bluefirereader.com/index.html).



Note: You can click on any of the thumbnails below to expand the view.

Login to http://barry.law.overdrive.com.  Choose “Law Faculty, Staff & Student Login” from the [select library] drop-down menu, then log in using your full Barry University email address and current network password.



Upon logging in, you’ll be able to perform a basic search for books by author or title or invoke an advanced search for more search options.   Click on Menu for a list of categories by Jurisdiction, Practice Area or Featured Collection.  The Account button shows you what you currently have checked out and allows you to review titles on hold and any lists you’ve saved or titles that have been recommended to others by you.


lists  list of holds view


Once you borrow and begin reading the book, Overdrive allows you to bookmark pages, highlight text, annotate sections and print pages (or save to PDF if you have a PDF print app installed).  Be sure to save your notes to your device to reference later!

read options





Hover over the open book icon in the top right-hand corner of each book cover.   From here you can instantly borrow or sample the title, save it to a list or recommend it to someone else.  Click on MORE to access the description page.





The Description page not only allows you to borrow, sample, save or recommend titles, it also provides lots of useful information about the book including Table of Contents, number of copies owned, hyper-texted links to similar books, and information about prior releases.

Description page






To return to the home screen, simply click on the red “Barry University” logo located at the top of each page.  You can also sign out of your account from here or jump to the library’s online catalog.






Books can be returned or renewed from the Bookshelf.   Users can renew most titles ONCE provided there aren’t any hold requests for that title.  If so, then you’ll be prompted to place the book on hold for checkout again and your request will be honored in the order that the holds were placed.






Greyed-out book icons indicate that all copies are checked out and that you’ll need to place a hold via Overdrive for the digital copy or check with the Law Library Circulation Desk for print copy availability.  If you hover over the book cover, you’ll see a “Place Holds” button.   Click on it, then fill  out the holds form to be placed into queue for when the book becomes available.  Please note that holds are fulfilled on a “first come, first serve” basis only.   

Checked out books, holds info1Place holdsholds request page

Go to HOLDS under “My Account” to view the holds you have outstanding.  Holds will automatically be fulfilled when the book becomes available *provided* you have not reached your two book maximum checkout limit.  There is also an options button next to each of your holds.  Click on this to edit your email address or remove your hold request.

list of holds view

Holds options

In addition, you can return titles via the Bookshelf.   The due date appears under the RETURN TITLE button.  The books will automatically disappear from your device when they become due.  Please, if you are finished using a title, be kind to your fellow students and return it early so that others can use it!   The library only owns one digital copy of all titles except study aids for which we have two copies.








Currently loan rules and limits are below.  These pertain to all law faculty, staff and students.

  • Maximum # of checkouts at a time:  2 items
  • Loan period:  7 days *except* for Study Aids (calculated from the hour:minute of checkout)
  • Study Aids loan period:  1 day (24 hours calculated from hour:minute of checkout)
  • Holds Limit:  2 items per person (note: must have empty checkout slots in order for holds to fulfill)
  • Digital copies owned (as of 12/01/2014):  2 copies of study aids (Lexis’ full Q&A and Understanding series) and 1 copy of all other titles


Click the Help button at the top of each Lexis Digital Library page to learn more about using Lexis Digital Library.   If you still need help, contact LexisNexis Customer Support at (877) 516-8256 or email LexisNexis at DigitalLibrarySupport@lexisnexis.com.  

Or you can always drop by the Law Library’s Circulation or Reference Desks for a bit of personal assistance!

If you have questions about titles you have checked out or renewals, need to know about the  holds queue, want to recommend a title for possible purchase, or just feel like expressing your opinion about Lexis Digital, please email lawoverdrive@barry.edu.  I monitor that email address and will make sure you receive an answer within one business day (or sooner!).   




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