The 3C’s: Christmas, Critters and Creativity in the Library

IMAG0869If you have visited the Library recently, you may have noticed we have been working on new displays. It looks a lot like Christmas on the first floor, thanks in part to Brittany’s wonderful holiday display. If you won’t be able to stop by the Library to see it, take a look at the blog post here.

IMAG0866While the 1st floor certainly has holiday flair, be prepared to catch a glimpse of the Central Florida wilderness as you enter the 3rd — it is crawling with critters! Don’t worry, they are the friendliest bunch around and reside only inside the display case, located directly outside the elevator doors. They represent the natural Central Florida habitat that is ripe with wildlife.

IMAG0862You see, we are featuring local attractions and destinations, including some of the many outdoor activities that Central Florida has to offer. For the past couple of weeks, we have been showcasing a couple of must-see nature attractions — that is, Blue Spring State Park in Volusia County and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge near Titusville (Brevard County). These are two lesser known parks that are definitely worth a visit. They feature beautiful natural Florida scenery abundant with wildlife.

IMAG0865For each feature, there is an included QR code which will link you up to the blog’s local interest section or a relevant website to find more information about the topic. Simply scan with a QR code reader app on your phone or device.

IMAG0864Look for the display to change in the coming weeks, featuring new local destinations with fun facts and information pieces. I highly recommend that you take the time over the break (or sometime soon) to visit one of these places – you’ll be glad you did. Besides, this time of year is an especially nice time for venturing outside with the cool mornings and dry, (relatively) warm afternoons.


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