Database Spotlight: HeinOnline

As we take further steps to move your law library into the future, you may notice some print titles on our shelves are no longer being updated. Some of our print journal subscriptions are ending this year. Never fear! We will never leave you deprived of vital information. We are shifting the focus of these subscriptions to their digital components. So where can you access these journals? HeinOnline is a great resource for journals and law reviews.

One way to access our eJournal holdings in HeinOnline is through our Serials Solutions portal. If you want to take that route — and perhaps find some other resources along the way — Shawn Blanchard created an excellent guide on how to use it. However, you can also get to HeinOnline directly through Weblaw.


To find the title you are looking for, access Electronic Resources from the Library & Information Services page on Weblaw. Scroll down and click on HeinOnline.


From here, the default option is to search by full text. If your query is a keyword search to find something on a particular topic, this will be very useful. The “Browse Collections” option below it may also be helpful for your search. However, if you know which title you are looking for, switch to the “Catalog Search” tab. From here, you have the options to search by title, publisher, subject, and a variety of other limiters. For this example, let’s say we’re looking for the UCLA Women’s Law Journal.


Your results will appear. Click on the title to see our holdings.



This page will show you which volumes we have access to online. For the UCLA Women’s Law Journal, we have each volume from 1991 to the present. Clicking on a volume or issue number will open up in-browser PDFs of the journal as it is printed.

HeinOnline is an excellent tool because it also includes ScholarCheck. ScholarCheck analyzes journals, articles, and authors for the most citations, guiding you to the most influential material on a subject. More information can be found in this handy guide.

The next time you need to access a journal, check HeinOnline! If you need help, your library staff and librarians are happy to assist you with our resources.


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