The Fifth District Court of Appeal returns to Barry School of Law on March 18th!

This isn’t Library-related, but it’s still kind of a big deal for Barry School of Law and its students, and definitely worth blogging about.

2Ls and 3Ls already know that every Spring semester, the judges of Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal come to Barry School of Law and hear oral arguments in our very own Moot Courtroom.  This always happens in mid-March, about a month before 1Ls have to present their own oral arguments in Legal Research and Writing and possibly earn entry onto Barry’s prestigious Moot Court team.

This year, the Fifth DCA visit is Wednesday, March 18th, a week and a half away.  It would behoove any students who can attend that morning to do so, especially 1Ls preparing for their own oral arguments, to give them an opportunity to see the process in action.  Any students with an interest in appellate practice would be well-served by attending.  The Fifth DCA judges and attorneys from both sides will always give students a chance to ask questions after each set of oral arguments, making this a uniquely interactive learning opportunity.


Professor Susan Bendlin has been working with the Marshal of the Fifth DCA to set up this event, and she asked me to share the following.  The first group of students needs to be seated and ready to listen by 9:00, so they should arrive by 8:30 if possible, to get through a security checkpoint.  They will get to hear BOTH criminal cases.  The second group will be admitted to the Courtroom at 10:00, and they will hear one civil case.  The third (and last) group should come by 10:45, and they will hear two civil cases if they can stay that long.

Tickets are required for admission, and students can ask Fran Ruhl or Katherine Sutcliffe-Lenart in the Faculty Building for a color-coded ticket.  We expect to have plenty of seats, but get your tickets early nevertheless!

I have uploaded synopses of the five cases to, so keep in mind that if you are off campus, you will have to log into first, in order to access this link:

1Ls will probably hear more about the Fifth DCA visit from their Legal Research and Writing professors, but we in the Law Library thought it was definitely worth spreading the word across campus and beyond.

And in the meantime, 1Ls can get more of an idea of the oral argument process with multimedia files (audio, video, and more) from the Florida Supreme Court on the Gavel2Gavel video portal: and from the U.S. Supreme Court on the Oyez Project website:


One thought on “The Fifth District Court of Appeal returns to Barry School of Law on March 18th!

  1. This is a great opportunity for Barry’s law students to experience the appeal process and see it in action! I hope that there will be a great number of students attending this presentation and take part if permitted and time allows.


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