Legal Information Websites

If you’ve been harnessing the resources at your law library, it’s likely that you’re adjusted to having boundless information at the ready. If you aren’t feeling that way, talk to your librarians — you’re probably missing out on some great resources!

When you get into the real world — whether you choose to practice or follow an alternate route — you may see that cushy environment for legal research vanish. Databases are expensive, and if your firm/organization only pays for one or two, you may find yourself at your wit’s end for information. To assist you, there is a list of free legal information websites on Weblaw. You will find these useful in your research even before you graduate!

Highlights include the Federal Digital System (FDSys), which houses documents published by the Government Printing Office. Noticing some government documents not on our shelves? This is where you can find them!

You can also visit Online Sunshine, the website of the Florida Legislature, to easily access current and historical Florida statutes. Also included on our page are federal and state court websites, the Florida Bar Journal, and the Florida Supreme Court Briefs and Opinions.

There are many more resources available, so be sure to check it out: simply access Library and Information Services (LIS) from Weblaw’s navigation bar. Legal Information Websites is listed on the sidebar under Web Page Links.

Happy browsing!


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