Resource Spotlight: Florida Law Weekly

Have you ever come into the library looking for news from the Supreme Court of Florida, only to discover that the latest issue of Florida Law Weekly is not in the Reserves collection? While we strive to have the most updated material accessible to you, sometimes our incoming shipments can get delayed in the mail. Even when the material comes on time, sometimes another library patron will have the binder checked out. What do you do when you need the information now?

We have digital access to Florida Law Weekly, as well as FLW Supplement and FLW Federal. To access these from any of your devices, go to Weblaw and click on the Library & Information Services (LIS) tab. From there, click on Electronic Resources (Research Databases) in the left-hand navigation bar. Florida Law Weekly will be linked on that page.


The FLW page allows you to view all issues in one place, as well as view new cases and cases of interest. You can also break it down by civil and criminal cases.

Next time you need information about what’s happening in the Florida Supreme and District Courts, don’t forget our online access!


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