New Study Room Reservation Process

The Law Library is pleased to announce an improvement to the study room reservation process. Beginning today, Friday April 24th, study rooms in Barry Law Library can be reserved using an online reservation system. You no longer have to come to the Library in person to reserve a study room. Instead, you will be able to link from the Library’s page in Weblaw to an online reservation system. study room scheduling page screen shot

This new process will be a permanent change. You can now reserve study rooms throughout the semester–not just during exam time! You can reserve a room up to three days in advance for up to two hours per day. The two larger study rooms on the second floor (rooms 2B and 2C) can only be reserved by groups.

Occasionally, Barry Law Faculty or Administrators need to use a study room at the last minute. This doesn’t happen often, but just in case, we need you to know that reservations are subject to cancellation when the needs of the school require it. Additionally, if you reserve a room, you must actually use it. If you show up late or vacate a room for more than 15 minutes, your reservation is subject to cancellation.

To reserve a study room, go to the Library’s Weblaw page. You will see the reservations link on that page beginning Friday morning.


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