Popular Collection and Light Reading: Take a Break!

It’s summer! Whether you’re hard at work in classes, on the job, or relaxing through the season, it’s good to give yourself a break. What better way to unwind while still keeping your mind sharp than doing some enjoyable reading? After all the reading you’ve done for class, it’s nice to read something different!

Here are two places you can find leisure reading material:

Popular Collection
If you weren’t aware, we have a selection of popular magazines in our collection. This range is located on the first floor along the far right wall. We keep titles such as Orlando Magazine, TIME, and Wired spanning at least a year. While these are not available for checkout, they’re perfect for pulling up a chair and relaxing in the library.

Law-related Literature
If you want long-form reading, you can find law-related literature on the first floor as well. This collection includes John Grisham novels, classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, and other interesting reads such as Shakespeare for Lawyers.

Want to see the full list of our literature collection? We now have a Research Guide for it! Check it out here:


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