Three Barry Law students SWEPT the Justice Alto Adams Writing Competition!

Congratulations go out to three Barry University School of Law students who once again swept the second annual Justice Alto Adams Law Student Writing Competition!

Amanda Hunt won first place with her article “Hurricane Sandy and Her Lasting Environmental Impacts,” which will be published in the May/June issue of Friendly Passages, a publication of the Friends of the St. Lucie County Law Library, which is distributed electronically to all members of the Florida Bar. You can read the first part of Amanda’s article here (on page 7):

Barry Law student Shont’a McCord won second place, and Charles “C.T.” Hamilton won honorable mention. Their articles will be published in future issues of Friendly Passages. Please join us in congratulating Amanda, Shont’a, and C.T. on this prestigious honor!

Last year, three other Barry Law students took all the top awards in the first annual Justice Alto Adams Writing Competition. Allison Evans won, and Adrianna La Kam and Braulio Rodriguez both won honorable mentions.


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