Accessing Course Reserves, Syllabi, and professors’ older Final Exams on the new Weblaw

Barry Law students, faculty, staff, and alumni, by now you’ve probably seen the dynamic new redesign of Weblaw, our School of Law intranet site:

It’s a huge improvement over the previous version, both in form and functionality.  But you may have noticed some things are in different places.  Know that you can always get to our Law Library website just by clicking on Law Library, and then you may want to consider bookmarking our page or adding it to your Favorites:

If you need to access professors’ online course reserves, syllabi, or older versions of their final exams, they are all available from the Academic Program tab on Weblaw:

If you need to access CLASP, the Registrar, Financial Aid, or Career Services resources, those are all available from the Student Resources tab on Weblaw:

And remember, just as always, if you are anywhere off campus, you first need to log into with your Barry username and password, and then click “School of Law Intranet” in order to access Weblaw, our Law Library website, and all of their resources (including most of our Law Library research databases).  So we strongly recommend you add the link to your Bookmarks or Favorites as well.



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