Check out this new book, Making Law Review 2d Ed., by our very own Wes Henricksen!

Are you thinking about Law Review? Do you want to understand the “write-on” process and strategies for creating winning submissions? Carolina Academic Press (CAP) will be publishing the second edition of, Assistant Professor of Law, Wes Henricksen’s book Making Law Review this week. CAP published the first edition in 2008, and it was well received and carried by most law-school libraries. The book discusses strategies for winning Law Review “write-on” competitions. Copies of the book are on order for the Barry Law Library and will be added to the collection and available for check out as soon as they are received!making-law-reivew-2d

CAP provides a brief synopsis of the book on their website, where you can also purchase your own copy of the book if you would like. Here is a portion of CAP’s synopsis and a link to their website: “Making Law Review explains how the competition works, and reveals the surprising and innovative techniques students have used to excel in it. Author Wes Henricksen interviewed dozens of current and former law review members at many of the top law schools to learn their secrets to success in the write-on competition. This book synthesizes those students’ experiences into a comprehensive body of valuable advice on topics such as how to best prepare for the competition, how to effectively allocate your time throughout it, and how to write a winning submission paper.”


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