Classes are ending, so you know what’s next!

Well, here we are at the end of another semester. Congratulations to all of you, students and faculty alike!
Our reading period begins this coming Tuesday, April 25th, and final exams begin a week from today on Friday, April 28th. The Law Library always extends its Friday and Saturday hours to midnight during exam periods, so that means we’ll be open late on Friday and Saturday, April 28th and 29th, and again on May 5th and 6th. (We’re open until midnight Sunday through Thursday as well, as always.)
Students, please remember we have a wide variety of study aids available to you as you wrap up your outlines, get together with your study groups, and tie off the loose ends of your semester-long study plans. Most of them are in our Reserve collection behind the Circulation Desk and can be checked out for four hours at a time. Our collection includes the Q&A, Understanding, Nutshell, ExamPro, Acing, Examples and Explanations, Glannon Guide, Siegel’s, and CrunchTime series, as well as Law in a Flash flashcards.
If you’re off campus, you can access e-book versions of the Q&A and Understanding titles from the LexisNexis Digital Library through our Law Library website. These are 24-hour checkouts, but you can always return them sooner so one of your colleagues gets a chance to use them too.
When in doubt, please seek out our Reference Librarians. We have our JDs, and we empathize so much with the stress you’re under right now. Our wonderful student workers may also be able to help you, especially if they have advice for studying for particular classes and professors. Remember that none of you have to go it alone. Your success is OUR success, and we’re all cheering for you. We always will.
Good luck on your exams, and let us know what we can do for you here at the Barry Law Library!

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