Law Library is open until MIDNIGHT on Friday 7/21 and Saturday 7/22

For those of you studying for final exams or the Bar Exam next week, the Barry Law Library will be extending its hours TOMORROW (Friday, July 21st) and Saturday, July 22nd, until midnight, just so you can spend as much time preparing here as possible.
If you stay late tomorrow or Saturday, please be sure to thank our diligent student workers keeping the place open into the night!
Our entire staff wishes you the best on your finals and on the Bar Exam!
We will also be closed to outside visitors starting this Monday, July 24th, until Tuesday, August 1st.

Best of luck on the Bar Exam next week!

Well, the Bar Exam is next week, so on behalf of our entire Barry Law Library staff, I want to wish all of our graduates taking the Bar Exam the best. We’re all sending out hopes, thoughts, wishes, and prayers in your direction. We’ve seen most of you studying in the Library all summer, commiserated with you, encouraged you, and tried to buoy your spirits. We know you can do this. Your success is our success, and you have a bunch of people rooting hard for you. We look forward to hearing the good news from each of you in September!
And in less than a week, you’ll have your lives back — your friends and families and significant others, all the fun times and distractions and hobbies you’ve been missing out on all summer. You deserve some YOU time, and it’s almost that time.
You’ve got this, Barry alumni. We know you do. Good luck!

Saturday, July 15th, is Admitted Students Day at Barry!

Tomorrow (Saturday 7/15) is Admitted Students Day here at Barry University School of Law. We realize the Law Library will be quieter than usual on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of July, but we still look forward to tour groups coming to visit us, so we can chat them up about everything the Law Library and its amazing staff can do for them in the months and years to come.

See you all tomorrow!  And if you haven’t already filled out the RSVP form to attend Admitted Students Day, here it is:

Law Library display for July 2017: Popular Culture and the Law

It’s the summer, and that means time to read for pleasure (maybe at the beach, poolside, or on your way to some vacation destination), go to the movies, or catch up on your favorite shows.*
With that in mind, the Law Library’s July display case is dedicated to Popular Culture and the Law, so please come by and check it out.

If you’re taking the Popular Culture and the Law course with Professor Simpson-Wood this summer or in the fall, we have several of the books in the display case in our Reserve Collection, and we also have a wide selection of legal-themed movies on DVD for you to check out.

Pop quiz time! What are YOUR favorite legal-themed movies, TV shows, novels, documentaries, podcasts, etc.? Let us know!

* Unless you’re studying for the Bar Exam, that is. In which case, keep doing what you’re doing, know we’re rooting for you, and remember you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on pop culture in a few more weeks!