Best of luck on the Bar Exam next week!

Well, the Bar Exam is next week, so on behalf of our entire Barry Law Library staff, I want to wish all of our graduates taking the Bar Exam the best. We’re all sending out hopes, thoughts, wishes, and prayers in your direction. We’ve seen most of you studying in the Library all summer, commiserated with you, encouraged you, and tried to buoy your spirits. We know you can do this. Your success is our success, and you have a bunch of people rooting hard for you. We look forward to hearing the good news from each of you in September!
And in less than a week, you’ll have your lives back — your friends and families and significant others, all the fun times and distractions and hobbies you’ve been missing out on all summer. You deserve some YOU time, and it’s almost that time.
You’ve got this, Barry alumni. We know you do. Good luck!

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