Interview with Judith Koons

Barry Law Professor Judith Koons was recently interviewed in the Scholastica Blog about the Orlando Pusle Nightclub shooting. Read Seeking Meaning in the Pulse Nightclub Massacre to Prevent Violent Crimes: Interview with Judith Koons.



Today is the first day of Orientation here at Barry Law, so welcome to our entering 1L class! You’ll be hearing a lot about the Law Library and meeting our staff at several points over the next few days, but think of this place as your new home away from home, and our staff as your newest best friends and closest allies.
All of you, including those who have been around for a while, check out our redesigned Law Library website!
You may be surprised to see some big changes happening in the Law Library, but we are renovating the building for YOU, with several new study rooms being built. We have had to move things around (both in the Library itself and on the new site), so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know!
Welcome to all, and welcome back! And we’ll see you all on Monday, if not before.

New Summer Reference Desk Hours

Beginning Monday May 2, 2016, Barry Law Library will have new hours for the Reference Desk:

Monday through Friday

10:00am – noon and 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Reference consultations are also available at other times by appointment.  If you are a Barry law student, you can fill out a PERC form at to request a Personal Research Consultation.  Anyone may contact the Reference Librarians at LawReferenceLibrarians @

It takes strength to be gentle and kind.

I recently read this short piece about kindness in law libraries in the AALL Spectrum magazine (a publication for law librarians), and it really struck a chord with me*:

Law school isn’t easy, whether you’re a student, a professor, an administrator, a staff member, or even a librarian.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, without a doubt.  But I didn’t get to know my friendly neighborhood librarians back then.  They could have helped me a lot along the way.

Don’t make the mistake I made in law school.  We’re proud of our Library — YOUR Library — and want you to consider it an oasis in the middle of all the stress and chaos of law school.  A sanctuary, if you will.  This is the place where we want you to come with questions and problems, which we will do our best to answer and solve.  If we can demystify the legal research process (or any other aspects of law school) and send you home a little bit less stressed out, we have done our jobs well.

And we know there is plenty of stress to go around.  Summer is a time for students to catch up on their upper level research papers and directed research projects, professors are toiling away on their articles for publication, and our recent graduates are studying around the clock for the Bar Exam, now just a few weeks away.

(No pressure!)

So when I see people at their wits’ end, studying around the clock, sleep-deprived and sad, I try to say something positive to them.  Let them know they aren’t alone, that we’re rooting for them, that it gets better.  I think little things like that can make someone’s day, so why not try to do so?  Just like good grammar, empathy and kindness cost nothing.  I’m grateful to work with service-oriented colleagues that feel the same way.

And on that note, I’ve always hated the stereotypes of lawyers as “sharks,” cutthroats, mercenaries.  The law can do so much good in this world, and I think Barry students really stand out among their peers in that capacity.  With Barry’s core commitments of knowledge and truth, inclusive community, social justice, and collaborative service, I think we’re sending a new breed of professionals off into practice: brilliant and driven for sure, but also compassionate, socially-conscious, mindful, empathetic.

The title of this post, “It takes strength to be gentle and kind,” comes from a particularly depressing (but pretty) song by the Smiths, that beautiful British band of sad-sacks from the mid-’80s.  Known for charismatic, crooning frontman Morrissey’s dark wit, and backed up by Johnny Marr’s resonant guitar, they were a perfect pop group that was too good to last.

Anyway, here’s the song that’s stuck in my head now, “You Know It’s Over”:

*See what I meant about striking a chord?

Printing Troubles?

If you are trying to print a pdf file, images, a ppt file, or anything else that isn’t a Word file or regular non-pdf webpage, then please follow the instructions below as you order the file printed.  This should save you from getting an error message when you get to the printer to retrieve the print.  If you follow these instructions and still have trouble retrieving the file, be sure to let IT know.


Step one:

Once you bring up the printing menu, select “Advanced” as highlighted below.





Step two:

From the “Advanced” menu, select “print as image” as shown.