LexisNexis Courtroom Cast (AudioCaseFiles) is back!

You spoke, and we listened!  The Law Library has resubscribed to the LexisNexis Courtroom Cast database, featuring AudioCaseFiles.

This unique resource includes audio files of the actual cases our students have to read for class, which you can stream through the website or download in mp3 format to listen to on your computers or mobile devices.  This can be hugely helpful for students who commute, students who spend time working out, or students who are auditory learners.

Click on our Barry Law Library Databases page: http://eguides.barry.edu/LawLibraryDatabases

Scroll down to “A” for AudioCaseFiles or “L” for LexisNexis Courtroom Cast.  They are also both listed on our “Quick Links to the Most Popular Databases” list:

Those links will take you to http://courtroomcast.lexisnexis.com/, and from there, click “Login & Register” in the top right:

Select “Sign Up” to register for your free account, first selecting Barry from the list of schools, and then using your Barry e-mail address.

Once you have registered for your LexisNexis Courtroom Cast account, you can browse the lists of cases at the bottom of the website, organized by casebook and by subject.

Even if your casebook isn’t available yet, the cases you need may still be available if you search by subject and then by the case name.

Then you can read along with the case while listening to it being read to you.

Right-click on the “Download Audio Opinion” link at the top and select “Save link as” to save the mp3 file in the directory of your choice on your computer:

Remember — AudioCaseFiles is NOT an excuse to stop reading for class, but it is an extremely useful supplement to your assigned reading.  Use it wisely, and use it well!


Welcome Back!

Happy August! When you stop by the Law Library, check out our new “Welcome Back” display case near the entrance, created by Law Library Adminstrative Assistant Arlene Simpson.  It has information for our incoming students on one side and more information about Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the other side.

Congratulations! You made it through the Bar Exam!

CONGRATULATIONS to our alumni for making it through the Bar Exam! Hopefully you ate a delicious dinner, had the most restful night’s sleep you’ve had in months, and got home safely. What are you doing next? Well-deserved vacations, or starting the job search immediately? Let us know online, or stop by the Barry Law Library and check in with us!
As always, we are here to help you, including assisting as you research jobs, potential employers, judges, and the like. And when you have good news to share in two months, please remember to tell us so we can relax and celebrate you!
Meanwhile, our students are making their way through final exams. Just a few more days, folks! You’ve totally got this.

The Barry Law Library is open until MIDNIGHT for your studying needs through Wednesday, August 1st.

Since finals and the Bar Exam are all next week, the Barry Law Library will be open until MIDNIGHT from now until the end of the exam period on Wednesday, August 1st. And if you forget, we have our hours posted for the rest of the summer and the whole upcoming academic year on http://eguides.barry.edu/LawLibraryHours
So you night owls, hunker down and make yourselves as comfortable as possible!
During this time, the Barry Law Library will be closed to visitors (anyone who isn’t a Barry student, faculty, staff, alumni), with the exception of Bar studiers.