LexisNexis Courtroom Cast (AudioCaseFiles) is back!

You spoke, and we listened!  The Law Library has resubscribed to the LexisNexis Courtroom Cast database, featuring AudioCaseFiles.

This unique resource includes audio files of the actual cases our students have to read for class, which you can stream through the website or download in mp3 format to listen to on your computers or mobile devices.  This can be hugely helpful for students who commute, students who spend time working out, or students who are auditory learners.

Click on our Barry Law Library Databases page: http://eguides.barry.edu/LawLibraryDatabases

Scroll down to “A” for AudioCaseFiles or “L” for LexisNexis Courtroom Cast.  They are also both listed on our “Quick Links to the Most Popular Databases” list:

Those links will take you to http://courtroomcast.lexisnexis.com/, and from there, click “Login & Register” in the top right:

Select “Sign Up” to register for your free account, first selecting Barry from the list of schools, and then using your Barry e-mail address.

Once you have registered for your LexisNexis Courtroom Cast account, you can browse the lists of cases at the bottom of the website, organized by casebook and by subject.

Even if your casebook isn’t available yet, the cases you need may still be available if you search by subject and then by the case name.

Then you can read along with the case while listening to it being read to you.

Right-click on the “Download Audio Opinion” link at the top and select “Save link as” to save the mp3 file in the directory of your choice on your computer:

Remember — AudioCaseFiles is NOT an excuse to stop reading for class, but it is an extremely useful supplement to your assigned reading.  Use it wisely, and use it well!


It’s not too late! Get some last minute studying in with the Law Library’s study aids, available 24 hours a day anywhere you have a mobile device!

Midterms started today, but it’s not too late to do some last minute studying. If you haven’t seen our First Floor Display case, highlighting our available study aids, you need to check it out. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to study any time and any place!

The Law Library recently repurchased the AudioCaseFiles (Lexis Courtroom Cast) database after hearing feedback from students who wanted it again. The AudioCaseFiles database allows you to download cases and listen on MP3. You can also watch video and much more on the database!Study Aid Display Case

Last year, the Law Library purchased the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library. It has been tremendously popular! If you haven’t used it yet, you are missing out. It has several study aid series. The database has amazing features, such as the ability to personalize your account and highlight or save notes in the study aid books, and the ability to download the books and take them anywhere on your mobile device.

Remember to log in to the databases through the law school’s intranet page to access databases off-campus.

Check out our 1L Success Series!

First year law students, now that you have seen some resources for being a success in law school, you need to check our 1L Success Series research guides. These six research guides, covering each first year course, have been created by Barry Law Librarians and contain resources specifically tailored to help you in your first year of law school.

1L Success

Each 1L Success research guide is designed the same way, with the exception of the Legal Research and Writing Guide (see the paragraph below for information on this guide). Each guide has 4 tabs: one tab for online study aids, one for print study aids, one for online research resources, and one for print research resources. Under each tab are resources (e.g., books and databases) available on the particular topic of law. The online resources are hyperlinked so that you simply have to select the link to go to the identified resource. For the print materials, you can click the hyperlink to see the listing in the Library Catalog. Then just write down the call number, go find the book on the shelf, and check it out at the Circulation desk.

The Legal Writing and Research Guide is slightly different from the rest of the guides. There are no study aids tabs, but the first three tabs—Citation and Style Guides, Legal Writing Books, and Legal Research Books—list resources specifically designed to help you learn how to research, write, and cite for legal documents. The fourth tab provides hyperlinks to legal research databases and to legal scholarship (law review and law journals) databases.

With these resources, you too can make your 1L year a 1L Success!

Featured Database: Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases

The Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases has been published since 1973. It is now available electronically on HeinOnline. For those tracking Court activity, this is an invaluable resource. Click the “Create eTOC Alert” button to get each new issue emailed to you upon release (contact your Barry law librarian if you need assistance).

Published monthly from September through April, each issue provides a summary of the procedural history of each case that will be heard by the Court in the month to come, and presents an analysis of the legal issues, including a summary of the arguments by both sides. The most recent issue was released March 20; the table of contents is pictured below, and lists the cases previewed.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t forget about researching for your papers!

We know many of you are working on your open memos, appellate briefs, upper level writing papers, or seminar papers for your classes, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a Reference Librarian for research assistance, brainstorming on topics, or anything else you might need. You can e-mail all of us at LawReferenceLibrarians@barry.edu or schedule a PERC (Personal Research Consultation) at http://barry.libsurveys.com/perc .
Have a great weekend, and make sure to do something nice for yourselves, even though you’ll surely spend part of it working.