Starting tomorrow (Friday 12/7), the tradition continues…


Law Library Extended Hours Start TOMORROW!


Beginning tomorrow, December 5th, the Law Library will be open for EXTENDED HOURS! Every night through the end of the semester, come in, warm up, and hang out until MIDNIGHT!

Book a study room, grab a study aid, and get ready to ace your exams!

Non-Barry visitors, the Law Library will be off limits for the rest of December, throughout the final exam period and over winter break.  We will reopen for Bar members, students from other schools, and the general public on Monday, January 7th.

Today is Love Your Lawyer Day!

Since 2001, the American Lawyers Public Image Association (ALPIA) has designated the first Friday of November as Love Your Lawyer Day: a day to show love, appreciation and thanks to lawyers and judges everywhere.  The goal is to highlight the good that lawyers do, often thanklessly.  So today, Friday, November 2nd, we think the love should be extended to law professors, law librarians, and law students as well!

Read all about Love Your Lawyer Day here:

And more about the American Lawyers Public Image Association here:

In addition, to Love Your Lawyer Day, ALPIA’s efforts extend to “community activities, pro bono work, educating attorneys on practicing with integrity, lobbying the media and anti-lawyer groups, recognizing lawyers and judges for excellence, and, in general, creating awareness for lawyer image issues.”

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Congratulations! You made it through the Bar Exam!

CONGRATULATIONS to our alumni for making it through the Bar Exam! Hopefully you ate a delicious dinner, had the most restful night’s sleep you’ve had in months, and got home safely. What are you doing next? Well-deserved vacations, or starting the job search immediately? Let us know online, or stop by the Barry Law Library and check in with us!
As always, we are here to help you, including assisting as you research jobs, potential employers, judges, and the like. And when you have good news to share in two months, please remember to tell us so we can relax and celebrate you!
Meanwhile, our students are making their way through final exams. Just a few more days, folks! You’ve totally got this.

Big Barry Law Library changes happening this month, plus a new display case!

If you haven’t stopped by the Law Library this summer, come and see what we’re changing for you! We’re painting, cleaning, adding some new furniture, and installing new technology, like interactive TVs in several of our study rooms that you can broadcast to from your computers and mobile devices.
We also have a new display case for July, right next to the first floor elevator. The left side is about Popular Culture and the Law, focusing on the greatest legal films each decade for the last century, and the right side is about D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the President’s Supreme Court nominee, with lots of information about his career and the Supreme Court confirmation process.