Congratulations are in order, and our Research Smarter workshop is this Thursday!

Yaaaaay, finals are over, and one of our best classes of students ever walked across that stage this past Friday. Congratulations to all of you, whether you just graduated or you’ll be back for more. We’re thrilled for you, proud of you, and relieved on your behalf. Either way, we hope to see you over the summer and beyond, whether you’re studying for the Bar Exam, taking summer classes, or even just hanging around this week before you leave for Spain, home, or parts unknown.
But for any of you who are around this week, your Law Librarians want to invite you to a series of three intensive research refresher workshops this Thursday, May 18th:
Research Smarter: Foolproof Tips for Summer Interns
It will be a day-long series of three research workshops to get your research skills in shape for the summer.
About to start that summer job?
Registered for a summer internship?
Writing your upper level next semester?
These sessions will help refresh what you need to know to help you succeed.
You can register for one, two, or all three sessions, and each session provides TWO HOURS of professionalism credit!
All workshops are on Thursday May 18th in ALC 109.
9:00am-11:00am Secondary Authority & Practice Materials
11:10am-1:10pm Case Research Intensive
2:15pm-4:15pm Statutes & Regulations
Go to to register. If you want to register for multiple sessions, make sure to submit a separate registration form for each.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t forget about researching for your papers!

We know many of you are working on your open memos, appellate briefs, upper level writing papers, or seminar papers for your classes, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a Reference Librarian for research assistance, brainstorming on topics, or anything else you might need. You can e-mail all of us at or schedule a PERC (Personal Research Consultation) at .
Have a great weekend, and make sure to do something nice for yourselves, even though you’ll surely spend part of it working.

Search Smarter workshop TOMORROW, February 2nd, at 4:45 in ALC 203!

TOMORROW, Thursday, 2/2, Reference Librarian and Associate Professor Diana Botluk is presenting her Search Smarter Workshop in ALC 203 from 4:45 to 5:45 PM.
This research workshop will benefit all our Barry Law students as you research case law for your legal memos, appellate briefs, seminar papers, and the Upper Level Writing Requirement.
Professor Botluk will show off “power searching” techniques on Westlaw that will go much deeper than the instruction you received in Legal Research and Writing I. This workshop will benefit 1Ls immensely, but 2Ls and 3Ls, it has been a while since you attended those training days, so come refresh your skills! And if you attended one of the Law Library’s Study Smarter workshops, this one (SEARCH Smarter) is completely different.
Please RSVP in advance to, if possible. If, however, you realize at the last minute that you can attend, please feel free to do so.
Additionally, note that you can earn Professionalism credit for attending this workshop. We will have a sign-in sheet, so make sure you sign it to get credit.
We’ll see you at Search Smarter!

SEARCH SMARTER with Reference Librarian Diana Botluk this Monday, 11/7!

Hey Barry Law students! Yeah, you! The 1L working on your open memo! And you, the second-semester 1L working on your appellate brief. You over there, the 3L stressing over the research paper due in your seminar class, and the 2L hoping to make some headway on your upper level writing requirement!

Our brilliant Reference Librarian, Diana Botluk, is holding a special “power searching” workshop meant just for you: SEARCH SMARTER, and it’s THIS MONDAY, November 7th, from 4:45 to 5:45 PM in ALC 103.

Search Smarter will focus on tips and tools for online research to help you focus your searches and filter out the junk results, so you can find exactly what you need to succeed.

Please RSVP by Sunday, November 6th, since space is limited. If you haven’t attended her Search Smarter workshops in a previous semester, I strongly recommend it to everyone dealing with legal research in any capacity (which should be all of you).

As you conduct your legal research, don’t be afraid to ask a Reference Librarian!

We’ve had an uptick in our reference statistics this week, with lots of 1Ls asking us questions all week because their LRW open memo draft is due on Tuesday.  That’s great!  We hope we’ve been helpful so far.

For the rest of you: Please don’t sit there stressing and overwhelmed, banging your head against your nice new MacBook Airs. Ask one of your reference librarians, ideally leaving yourself enough time to get the research and writing work done.  We obviously can’t give you the answers, but we can help guide you toward them, hone your search strategies, and make you feel more comfortable and familiar with the legal research database of your choice.

Reference Librarians Diana Botluk, Louis Rosen, and Jason Murray, plus our Associate Director and Head of Public Services Whitney Curtis and our Head of Technical Services Elizabeth Outler (who both take shifts at the reference desk as well) all have law degrees, as well as Masters degrees in Library and Information Science, putting us in a great position to be of assistance.  We’ve been to law school, we’ve survived LRW, and we empathize more than you know.  We can help you narrow down searches using the Lexis and Westlaw filters, choose helpful secondary sources, use Shepard’s and/or Keycite to make sure your cases are still good law, and from there, springboard off those cases to find additional authority.

Seriously, talk to us!  And if you have a thought at home, or after hours, e-mail us at .  If you want to schedule a one-on-one meeting, we offer PERCs — Personal Research Consultations — at times that are convenient for your busy schedules and stressful lives.  Go to to set up a PERC with one of us.

We also strongly recommend you schedule one-on-one sessions with your LRW professors during their office hours, or possibly even reach out to their hard-working TAs, who are successful 2Ls and 3Ls who have been just where you were, not that long ago.  They know more of the specifics for this open memo assignment, so they might be able to guide you even better than we can.

And for you upper-level students working on articles and class papers, this all applies to you, too.  Reach out to us in person or via e-mail, and let us know if you want to schedule a PERC as you delve deeper into researching your topics.  If law school was easy, everyone would do it, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it completely alone, without assistance or guidance.  That’s where your Reference staff comes in!